Seller’s Process

Visit us for a first interview in our headquarters in Kempten, Germany.
We can arrange a first personal contact via Skype, too, if you wish.

We discuss any proposed business sale with strict confidentiality. When both parties reached a certain level of trust we will commit ourselves to selling your business by formulating an agreement.

We will visit your business. You name price expectations. We make a free-of-charge plausibility check and tell you if your price is competitive from our perspective.

We will then present further steps that are going to sell your business.

The process in detail:

• Initial inspection
• Data recording
• First-time visit with access to company-critical data and business analytics
• Business evaluations (land / buildings, businesses)
• Create a business profile
• Creation of a sales exposés
• Creation of an illustrated sales folder
• Creation of a selling memorandum
• Define the sales strategy
• Publication in the Nexxt-Change Online
• Buyer research / target mailing
• Ad (at the seller’s expense)
• Preliminary consultation with prospective buyers
• Examination of prospective buyers in credit standing
• Performing inspections / negotiations
• Negotiation with banks and tax consultants
• Acquisition financing
• Purchase contracts
• Contract negotiations and
• Attendance at delivery
• Public relations work