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\nSalzstra\u00dfe 13
\nD-87435 Kempten
\nGermany","infobox_content":"Brill Business Brokers<\/b>
\nSalzstra\u00dfe 13
\nD-87435 Kempten
\nGermany","coordinates":false,"cache":true,"latitude":"47.7257852","longitude":"10.310673599999973"}], animations: true, infobox_background_color: '', infobox_styling: 'default', infobox_text_color: '', map_style: 'default', map_type: 'roadmap', marker_icon: '', overlay_color: '', overlay_color_hsl: {"hue":0,"sat":0,"lum":100}, pan_control: true, show_address: true, scale_control: true, scrollwheel: false, zoom: 17, zoom_control: true, }); } google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', fusion_run_map_fusion_map_5bc4e9f474634);


Brill Business Brokers
Salzstraße 13
D-87435 Kempten (Allgäu)

By car

Via the A7 (Autobahn) Ulm-feet, exit Kempten
the B12 (Bundesstraße) Munich-Landsberg-Kempten-Lindau
the B19 (Bundesstraße) Oberstdorf Kempten
on the B309 (Bundesstraße)-Füssen Kempten

Parking at the public Königsplatz is possible at all time.

By train

Brill Business Brokers is located in close proximity to the main train station in Kempten.

For current schedules visit and