Buyer’s process

  • We have an initial free-of-charge consultation meeting
  • We discuss relevant companies that might be suitable for you in confidentiality.
  • We asses how and if an acquisition financing is feasible. We give you a tour of the company.
  • We analyze data and business figures.
  • We moderate negotiations and agreements.
  • We work on management buy-in solutions.
  • We establish acquisition financing.

After the purchase:

Why corporate takeovers of Brill Business Brokers are a success story:

Small and medium companies are owner-dominated. In the selection of MBI-candidates we give great importance to the new owner fit the company personally and professionally. A good career profile is a prime requisite to becoming an entrepreneur. In addition, the private environment should be in function. A good credit standing must be present.

If these conditions are met a detailed due diligence examinations will be held at the locality of the businesses. If buyers and companies match talks on purchase financing begin .

From the first day of the transfer and in a period of 100 days, the course is set for your entrepreneurial success story. Mostly in the form of above-average value growth.

How do you achieve that?

We support and encourage entrepreneurs with a communicative approach. Business succession accompanied by us continues to be proven successful.