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This is how we can serve you

We are experts in selling, reselling and negotiating for

• Companies (share and asset deals)
• Investments
• Acquisition Financing
• Leveraged Buyouts with Management Buy-Ins
• Private Equity Solutions

Seller services

Wanna sell your business but can’t find any buyers? Not so unusual:
Almost 6,000 companies per year remain unsold because no suitable buyer is found. We specialise in finding perfect matches and comprehensively manage final transactions. We complete solutions, from research throughout to contract signature.

Service for buyers

Not enough equity?
Did you know that equity includes your real estate holdings? As part of undrawn mortgage shares or new mortgage orders (within lending limits, market value to 60/70 percent lendable) often, sufficient equity ratios are presented. However, we find deals that perfectly fit into your current career to assure an ongoing income guarantee (entrepreneurial wage). We introduce the potential parties so an acquisition can be realised. Please have look through our free-of-charge advisory notes.

MBi (Management Buy-In, and Leveraged Buy-Out)

What is it?

Entrepreneurs that show to be high profile candidates for corporate takeovers by fulfilling expected requirements for the selling company. By doing so these candidates are encouraged to buy in. The financial strength of a company allows Leveraged Buyout financing in many cases.